Samuel M. Clark offers specialized adoption counseling for:

  • Adopted persons
  • Birth Parents
  • Adoptive parents curious about discussing adoption with their adopted child
  • Adoptive parents wanting to learn how to navigate an open adoption
  • Couples and individuals considering adoption
  • Triad members contemplating reunification with a member of their birth family
  • A parent with a sexually active adolescent who may be pregnant or is pregnant

Adoption is a wonderful thing. Adoption brings absolute joy to an adoptive family, comfort to a birth parent, and security and safety to an adopted child. It does, however, come with very specific issues that need specialized training and understanding.

As an adoptive parent, you enter into adoption with the hope and expectation you will be the only family your child ever needs and wants. You may be happy to talk to your child about his birth family. You may even be willing to help him search for and find his birth family. You hope he always sees you as his parent, and might not know exactly how to talk to him about these things.

As a birth parent, you may have struggled to make that final adoption decision. You wanted your child to have what you feel you could never provide. You never forget your child, and always question whether you made the right decision.

As an adopted person, you love your adoptive family and are devoted to them. But, now, as you enter into adulthood, you may begin to have questions about where you came from, who you look like, and why your birth family could not raise you. You might feel guilty about having these thoughts, and wonder if your curiosity will hurt your adoptive family.

As an adopted person in reunion, you have felt euphoric since making the connection to your birth family. For the first time, you are physically reflected in someone else, and it feels fantastic. All of a sudden, your reunion has become overwhelming. You may be having feelings of anger that you don’t understand, or, you are sad, but are not sure why.

As someone considering adoption, you have probably been through extensive infertility treatments. You aren’t sure how you feel about adoption, and are not sure what kind of adoption is most appropriate for you. The information on the internet can be overwhelming. You just know that you want to start a family.

As the parent of an adolescent, you never want to hear your daughter tell you that she is pregnant. When you do, everything else in your life is put on hold. You are not sure where to turn, or how to help her.

All of these circumstances feel overwhelming, and can cause great anxiety. At the same time, all of these situations can have a positive outcome. You can emerge feeling more fulfilled than you did before you were faced with them. It is possible, and it will happen, if you are willing to let it. Come talk to me. We will do it together.